20 März, 2006

We're back! Newstime!


it's been a couple of weeks since we got back from our mini-tour.

Now it's time to say thanks to all the nice people we met and to all kids that came to our shows.
Playing two shows with Song&Dance was a blast, if you don't know them be sure to check them out, they rock. Also thanks to all the nice people that arranged shows for us and made really tasty food (especially Kai and his crew@Epplehaus/Tübingen).
We saw some people taking photos. If you have some pictures please send them our way.

The show in Saarlouis on April 8 was cancelled because they had some trouble with the venue...at least that's what I heard. So: no TETO this time...but we'll be back in summer.

If you happen to live close to Nürnberg get your ass to K4 on April 7. We're gonna rock it out with our labelmates from Kenzari's Middle Kata. It's their release party for their new album...so this will be fun. Be there or be ...err...not there.

There's another showcoming up on April 30 @ Alte Mälze/Regensburg, this time with Là Par Force.

And as always: if you feel like showing some love say hi to us on our myspace site.

So long for now - cheers!

18 Januar, 2006


...it's been a while since the last update.

Apologies to all nice people who tried getting in touch... things are really a mess over here and we all struggle hard to keep this alive.

Things will definetly turn to the better as soon as we find more time in our daily lives.

We'll hit the road soon and still have a huge gaping hole in our timeframe. So..it's never too late to have us play at your local venue, your kegelverein or your bedroom. Drop us a line!

We're also thinking about getting our own van. If you know somebody who sells his or hers let us know.

So long. Prost.

19 November, 2005

New photos online

Tobi from eartrumpet.net took some nice pictures at our last gig in Munich at the Sunny Red. Be sure to check them out!

New website online

I'm glad that I can finally announce that we're back with a new design.
Hope you like it.

We are currently looking for shows for our upcoming tour which will be from 17.02.-28.02.
We're really uncomplicated and will play anything from squats to funerals... so if you can hook us up be sure to drop us a line!